Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Birthday Party in Louisville

Mimi and Papaw gave us a great big and extremely soft elephant for our 1st Birthday.

Papaw was trying to get me to eat my birthday cake.

Cousin Alex and I got to play.

Mimi took such great care of me while I was in Louisville. She became one of our favorite people. We really enjoyed the visit and getting to see the whole family. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate.

Addison started walking the Sunday that we got back from Louisville. We were playing at the pool. Addison got out on the side and just started walking to get a toy. She has not looked back. I thought she was busy before now I am not sure what to call her. She has said "night", "light" and a couple of other words this week. My baby is growing up. I am extremely sad.
We leave for St. Thomas next Sunday. We are starting to get excited.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

12 and a half months

My little girl is already a girlie girl. Addison is playing in mommy's jewelry.

Addison loves bath time. No matter where we are or what we are doing, you say bath time and she is heading for the stairs or the bathtub. She loves to be wrapped up and hugged after being taken out of the bathtub. We are getting ready to head to Louisville to visit Papaw and Mimi. Mommy is being a big girl and leaving Addison with them for a couple of days while she and daddy go to Matt's graduation.