Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

Addison's first reaction this morning was somewhat of a bent knee stance with a huge "whoa whoa" just looking at the toys underneath the tree. She loved the musical instrument set that Santa brought. She loves music class so the instruments were just the right touch. The drum which she calls "bang bang" was such the hit.

Santa got a great deal on this tunnel that attaches to a tent. She dove right in and kept in and out all day. Saying again, again and that was just the tunnel.

Not to name any names but Mimi and Papaw spoiled her to death, she kept opening and opening all day long. She loved all her gifts but I think the last one opened was the favorite. The tea set was a bigger hit than anyone thought it could be.

Although Elmo doctor's kit was not a far off loser by any means, she loves her Elmo. I am sure each Christmas to come will be more fun than the last but this one was great. She was just so cute with all the "whoas ".

Christmas Eve in Louisville

We spent this Christmas in Louisville. Addison had a great time running around with all of her cousins. Lindsey, Matt and Alex will be moving to Atlanta soon so Addy and Alex will become much better friends in the near future. She really started to get in to opening the presents. The first response to the gifts was "wow box" and then she would realize the box contained something.

Here is our family which is growing or really I am growing by the day. I am trying to give a belly shot to my dear friend Colin but it did not work very well. I will try again soon. Addy decided this week while in Louisville that the camera is a good thing again. She picked up my dad's camera and said cheese with a big grin. So hopefully I will be able to get photos again.

Granny gave Addy a mop, broom and dust pan. She thought they were great. I think one of her favorite gifts that day was the purse that Grandma gave her. She is still carrying it around. It matched her Christmas outfit perfectly.

She had started talking so much this week. She is really communicating. Two to three word sentences are coming out of her mouth left and right. I can not get over how much progress they can make in a day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party in the neighborhood and the Pumpkin Patch

Addy went straight towards the small pumpkins that were her size.

My little cow was the cutest cow ever! She loves her costume. Addy wants to wear it all the time. We were even able to dress up for story time.

I still wish we looked at all alike maybe the new baby will look like me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

17 months

You could say that somethings are just inborn. Addy is defiantly a girl. She loves to play with my purses and hats.

This is how I found her the other day. She was sitting in her babies stroller looking out the front door. She cracks me up. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish she was talking more.

My little lady is definatly a girl but she loves to be outside playing in the dirt.

Making Daddy happy in her Auburn outfit, even though Auburn has not been making Daddy happy.

Everyday she amazes me. The other morning she was hungry earlier than usual. She went and got her bib out of the draw and went to her seat at the table. Then last night it was bath time, she normally gets her towel and comes to the bathroom. The bath towel was not on the door like it normally is so she went to the draw and got a towel out. She pointed to her diaper this morning and said peepee. She is growing every minute. On Sunday, she was sitting in a big girl chair and I was sitting in her pottery barn chair. She said "mommy sitting in Addy chair". Brandt and I just looked at each other wondering if we really had just heard that.

I know I always say that I love this age but I really am loving this age. Her personality is just shining.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hillcrest Orchard

We really liked the tractor ride.

She thought it was pretty neat to be able to reach up and grab the apples.

Addison is a sucker for any slide. She loved them in St. Thomas. Anytime we see one she has to go down them.

Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun, Addy or Daddy. I was so jealous when all she use to say was Daddy for everything but now all she says is mommy. I think that I hear mommy more than a thousand times a day. I will never get tried of it. Everything has mommy in front of it. She said crackers, Sam, and pj's this week. She is becoming such the mimic.

Hillcrest Orchard

We thought that it would be great to spend the morning up at an Apple orchard. They had a petting zoo, tractor ride, apple picking and horse riding. Addy thought she was big stuff driving the tractor.

She thought the cows were the best of all since it was the only animal that she came close to touching.

I wish someone would have warned us that the goats jump. They scared her a bit as soon as we got there. I knew that she would either love it or hate it. I guess she was more in the middle. It was neat to be able to pick the apples. They let you taste all the apples that they grow. It was nice to compare all of them together. It is hard to get any closer to fresh then right off the tree.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obligitory End of Summer Update

Hey everyone. Sorry for another delay but we have been chasing our little energizer bunny. And when she naps we have to rest ourselves.

She constantly has new boo-boos on her, so much so she now says "boo-boo". She broke her collar bone last week. She's quite a trooper, though. She manages most of the time to act like she's in no pain. But her falls usually reminder her and cause a few more tears than normal. But she's back off to the races after a few seconds.

Its sad that the end of summer has come and gone. We had a bunch of fun going to the pool and the fountain park in Roswell. But we'll charge on and keep chasing the ball, and cruising in the Cozy Coupe.
And lastly, Addy is not just a little energizer bunny, but a little mirror of her parents. She pretends to type on the key boards (any keyboard she can get her hands on), pretends to cook in her new kitchen, to change the channel on the remote and often actually does change the channel, and to be a Mommy just like Carmen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

15 month check up

We went to the doctor yesterday. Addison is 20 lbs 7oz (15-20%) and 31 1/2 inchs tall (75%). It is hard to be her right now. Most people would complain being blond, blue eyes, tall and skinny!!!! j/k She is feeling alittle down today from her shots yesterday but she will hopefully be her happy self tomorrow.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It has been too long!!!

We had our friends Birthday Party last week so we had to put on our party dresses. Alex who is in our play group turned one. We have been having play dates with Alex, Maggie, Ellamay and Keller on a very frequent basis. The mommy's have become some of my closest friends. We are going to start going to girls dinner once a month with no kids and no husbands. I am so excited. Girl Time!!!

I just love her little expressions.

We have started to let her feed herself which makes me have a lot of self control over the large mess that is made. She is getting to be such a big girl. I got her a little stroller at a sale the other day and she is loving pushing her baby around in it. She is starting to say more things. Brandt is going to need to watch out or he will never get a word in. I always think that she is so much fun but then another month goes by and I wonder how more fun could she get. She is my little lovebug. I never thought it could be this much fun.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

St. Thomas continued

My best friend Colin and her family were able to come spend the week with us. We were both worried about all of us in a two bedroom condo but it was wonderful. The kids got along great and so did the mommies. You never know having that many people in a small place for a week. We will definatly travel with them again.

Addy just loving the sand. She was so cute in her matching hat and bathing suit. She out dressed mom and dad.

The water in the islands could not be prettier. We were able to snorkel off the beach of the condo. We did spend one day at Coki beach were the fish were so abundant that you could just walk into the water and see them.

Sweet Tyler! He was so good with Addy. Tyler is 4 and was just a doll the whole trip. He had great patience with the babies. In the picture above, he was trying to cuddle with Addy. To say the least we had a great time on vacation. We are now waiting for our trip to the lake with the Jolly's. We leave again on my and Doris's birthday for a week at Ben's wife Laurens Family lake house in Missouri.
I almost forgot Addy has three teeth coming in. We are moving up the the teeth world. I also put her on the scale on Monday and by our scale she was up to 20 lbs. We just might be able to turn the car seat around soon.

St. Thomas

We had a great vacation last week in St. Thomas. Grandma and Grandad have a time share at the Marriott Frenchman's Cove. It was Addy's first time at the beach and she could not have loved it more. I am not sure if I will ever get her inside for an extended amount of time though considering that we were outside almost all day long for 7 days. There was a slide into the pool that daddy made the mistake of taking her down the first day. After the first time down, she just kept pointing and crying if she was not going down the slide every couple of minutes. To say the least we spent some major time on the slide.

She loved the sand. I am sure that there is some still in her ears that will never come out.

Addison had just a blast in and out of the pool. If she was not in the pool, she was walking up and down the side walk next to the pool waving and saying "hi" to anyone and everyone. When we left everyone knew who Addy was and was her friend.

This picture was from the first day. When we first put her down on the beach, she went straight for the water dress and all. I am not sure daddy was so thrilled with the idea but mommy let her play. I never thought Brandt would be more uptight than I am about things.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

1st Birthday Party in Louisville

Mimi and Papaw gave us a great big and extremely soft elephant for our 1st Birthday.

Papaw was trying to get me to eat my birthday cake.

Cousin Alex and I got to play.

Mimi took such great care of me while I was in Louisville. She became one of our favorite people. We really enjoyed the visit and getting to see the whole family. Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate.

Addison started walking the Sunday that we got back from Louisville. We were playing at the pool. Addison got out on the side and just started walking to get a toy. She has not looked back. I thought she was busy before now I am not sure what to call her. She has said "night", "light" and a couple of other words this week. My baby is growing up. I am extremely sad.
We leave for St. Thomas next Sunday. We are starting to get excited.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

12 and a half months

My little girl is already a girlie girl. Addison is playing in mommy's jewelry.

Addison loves bath time. No matter where we are or what we are doing, you say bath time and she is heading for the stairs or the bathtub. She loves to be wrapped up and hugged after being taken out of the bathtub. We are getting ready to head to Louisville to visit Papaw and Mimi. Mommy is being a big girl and leaving Addison with them for a couple of days while she and daddy go to Matt's graduation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little baby girl is one year old. Addison's birthday party was this past Saturday. She had many friends really mommy and daddy's friends and some grandparents here to celebrate with her. She tore into all her wonderful gifts.

She also has decided that her chair is her favorite place to sit. It seems to have become one of our favorite toys, up down up down.

Her she is goofing around with Grandad.

She really enjoyed seeing Grampa and Uncle Ross.

Mommy was so proud of Addison. She loved playing in her cake although she had no interest in eating the cake. Addison loved eating the cake off of my fork. She had a huge grin everytime she had a bite.
Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate.