Thursday, November 11, 2010

Check up time

Garrett had his 6th month check up on Monday. He was 16lbs 7oz. (Addy at a year 18lbs 8oz). He is 50th percent in weight and 65th percent in length. He is doing very well. Garrett started solids two weeks ago. We have made it through vegetable and half way through fruits. He is grabbing food from your hand if it is anywhere in his reach. He is my eater.

Addison had her 30 month check up at the same time. This is new this year to check their social development which we are not lacking in. She talks more than Brandt and I put together. The only concerning point to the appointment was that she is growing up but not out. She grew 2 and one half inchs and only 1 lb. The doctor started her on a appetite stimulate. Hopefully this will make my baby eat and gain weight.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

She loved trick or treating. Addison would walk up to a front door say trick or treat, thank you and then all of a sudden she said let me grant you a wish. I love the things that come out of her mouth. She is just amazing and funny.

My little pumpkin and fairy princess! She is loving holidays with all the decorations. Christmas should and will be so much fun this year.

It has been to long.....

This is my little man all the time. He doesn't cry and he always has a smile on his face. He laughs out loud at his sister all day long. She is in love with him. They just love on each other. I am so blessed with great kids.

He started sitting up about a week after his 5 month birthday.

I love this picture. We went to the pumpkin patch in shorts and t shirts only in Georgia. I am sorry that I have not updated the site in such a long time. I am not sure where the time goes. I try to play with them every minute of the day so when they sleep I am going a mile a minute. We are looking forward to seeing all the family on Thanksgiving and then Christmas.
We were in DC about two weeks ago and got to meet Baby Morgan. She was adorable. I think that Garrett could of rolled over and smashed her, my little big man and little Morgan. We go for his 6 month check up next week. He was 16 lbs at the GI doctor this week, lets put this in relation to our world. Addy was 18 lbs at a year. He is huge to me but only 25-50% in weight and 90% in height.