Friday, May 28, 2010

3rd Week of Life

Baby Garrett has definitely woken up. He stays up for about an hour after he eats then takes a short nap. I still am feeling very blessed although Brandt goes back to work next week. I am alittle nervous about Brandt going back to work. I am sure that I will get use to it but I am sure next week will be a shock to the system.

2nd Week of Life

We have been very blessed again with a good tempered baby. We had to go back to the pediatrician this week for a check. Overly protective ICU nurse mommy was worried about about some funny breathing baby Garrett was doing while eating. After the pediatrician told me not to worry, we made a visit to the ENT doctor who informed us that baby Garrett just has a bad case of reflux. We were started on zantac (acid reducer for the belly). We will revisit the ENT in three weeks for a recheck. Although baby Garrett is not at all bothered by the reflux, he is just as even tempered as Addy. On a good note, Garrett weighed 8lbs 8oz. He has gained a whole pound in three weeks way to go.

Addy absolutely loves her baby brother. Every morning he gets a hug and kiss and a good morning baby Garrett.

He is sleeping from 10pm until 3am and then till 6:30-7am. I am needless to say extremely lucky.

Papaw and Mimi came to visit. Addison truly enjoys there visits. They play with her no stop. I am sure that Papaw is extremely proud of his first grandson.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Garrett's 1st Week

First bath at home

Garrett joined the family on May 6th at 39 weeks. It was just as easy of a delivery as Addison's. He was 7lbs 5oz and 21 inch's long. We have been very blessed Addy thinks Garrett is wonderful. She gives Garrett hugs every morning and tells him she loves him. He was back up to birth weight by Monday at the doctors appointment. They said that I could let him sleep for 5 hours at night which was a blessing to mom and dad. He is getting feed at 10pm and waking at 1-2am and not again till 6-7am. I love him. We have been extremely lucky and blessed with two beautiful and healthy children but we are officially done.