Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

Addison's first reaction this morning was somewhat of a bent knee stance with a huge "whoa whoa" just looking at the toys underneath the tree. She loved the musical instrument set that Santa brought. She loves music class so the instruments were just the right touch. The drum which she calls "bang bang" was such the hit.

Santa got a great deal on this tunnel that attaches to a tent. She dove right in and kept in and out all day. Saying again, again and that was just the tunnel.

Not to name any names but Mimi and Papaw spoiled her to death, she kept opening and opening all day long. She loved all her gifts but I think the last one opened was the favorite. The tea set was a bigger hit than anyone thought it could be.

Although Elmo doctor's kit was not a far off loser by any means, she loves her Elmo. I am sure each Christmas to come will be more fun than the last but this one was great. She was just so cute with all the "whoas ".

Christmas Eve in Louisville

We spent this Christmas in Louisville. Addison had a great time running around with all of her cousins. Lindsey, Matt and Alex will be moving to Atlanta soon so Addy and Alex will become much better friends in the near future. She really started to get in to opening the presents. The first response to the gifts was "wow box" and then she would realize the box contained something.

Here is our family which is growing or really I am growing by the day. I am trying to give a belly shot to my dear friend Colin but it did not work very well. I will try again soon. Addy decided this week while in Louisville that the camera is a good thing again. She picked up my dad's camera and said cheese with a big grin. So hopefully I will be able to get photos again.

Granny gave Addy a mop, broom and dust pan. She thought they were great. I think one of her favorite gifts that day was the purse that Grandma gave her. She is still carrying it around. It matched her Christmas outfit perfectly.

She had started talking so much this week. She is really communicating. Two to three word sentences are coming out of her mouth left and right. I can not get over how much progress they can make in a day.