Thursday, July 2, 2009

St. Thomas continued

My best friend Colin and her family were able to come spend the week with us. We were both worried about all of us in a two bedroom condo but it was wonderful. The kids got along great and so did the mommies. You never know having that many people in a small place for a week. We will definatly travel with them again.

Addy just loving the sand. She was so cute in her matching hat and bathing suit. She out dressed mom and dad.

The water in the islands could not be prettier. We were able to snorkel off the beach of the condo. We did spend one day at Coki beach were the fish were so abundant that you could just walk into the water and see them.

Sweet Tyler! He was so good with Addy. Tyler is 4 and was just a doll the whole trip. He had great patience with the babies. In the picture above, he was trying to cuddle with Addy. To say the least we had a great time on vacation. We are now waiting for our trip to the lake with the Jolly's. We leave again on my and Doris's birthday for a week at Ben's wife Laurens Family lake house in Missouri.
I almost forgot Addy has three teeth coming in. We are moving up the the teeth world. I also put her on the scale on Monday and by our scale she was up to 20 lbs. We just might be able to turn the car seat around soon.

St. Thomas

We had a great vacation last week in St. Thomas. Grandma and Grandad have a time share at the Marriott Frenchman's Cove. It was Addy's first time at the beach and she could not have loved it more. I am not sure if I will ever get her inside for an extended amount of time though considering that we were outside almost all day long for 7 days. There was a slide into the pool that daddy made the mistake of taking her down the first day. After the first time down, she just kept pointing and crying if she was not going down the slide every couple of minutes. To say the least we spent some major time on the slide.

She loved the sand. I am sure that there is some still in her ears that will never come out.

Addison had just a blast in and out of the pool. If she was not in the pool, she was walking up and down the side walk next to the pool waving and saying "hi" to anyone and everyone. When we left everyone knew who Addy was and was her friend.

This picture was from the first day. When we first put her down on the beach, she went straight for the water dress and all. I am not sure daddy was so thrilled with the idea but mommy let her play. I never thought Brandt would be more uptight than I am about things.