Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obligitory End of Summer Update

Hey everyone. Sorry for another delay but we have been chasing our little energizer bunny. And when she naps we have to rest ourselves.

She constantly has new boo-boos on her, so much so she now says "boo-boo". She broke her collar bone last week. She's quite a trooper, though. She manages most of the time to act like she's in no pain. But her falls usually reminder her and cause a few more tears than normal. But she's back off to the races after a few seconds.

Its sad that the end of summer has come and gone. We had a bunch of fun going to the pool and the fountain park in Roswell. But we'll charge on and keep chasing the ball, and cruising in the Cozy Coupe.
And lastly, Addy is not just a little energizer bunny, but a little mirror of her parents. She pretends to type on the key boards (any keyboard she can get her hands on), pretends to cook in her new kitchen, to change the channel on the remote and often actually does change the channel, and to be a Mommy just like Carmen.