Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party in the neighborhood and the Pumpkin Patch

Addy went straight towards the small pumpkins that were her size.

My little cow was the cutest cow ever! She loves her costume. Addy wants to wear it all the time. We were even able to dress up for story time.

I still wish we looked at all alike maybe the new baby will look like me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

17 months

You could say that somethings are just inborn. Addy is defiantly a girl. She loves to play with my purses and hats.

This is how I found her the other day. She was sitting in her babies stroller looking out the front door. She cracks me up. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish she was talking more.

My little lady is definatly a girl but she loves to be outside playing in the dirt.

Making Daddy happy in her Auburn outfit, even though Auburn has not been making Daddy happy.

Everyday she amazes me. The other morning she was hungry earlier than usual. She went and got her bib out of the draw and went to her seat at the table. Then last night it was bath time, she normally gets her towel and comes to the bathroom. The bath towel was not on the door like it normally is so she went to the draw and got a towel out. She pointed to her diaper this morning and said peepee. She is growing every minute. On Sunday, she was sitting in a big girl chair and I was sitting in her pottery barn chair. She said "mommy sitting in Addy chair". Brandt and I just looked at each other wondering if we really had just heard that.

I know I always say that I love this age but I really am loving this age. Her personality is just shining.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hillcrest Orchard

We really liked the tractor ride.

She thought it was pretty neat to be able to reach up and grab the apples.

Addison is a sucker for any slide. She loved them in St. Thomas. Anytime we see one she has to go down them.

Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun, Addy or Daddy. I was so jealous when all she use to say was Daddy for everything but now all she says is mommy. I think that I hear mommy more than a thousand times a day. I will never get tried of it. Everything has mommy in front of it. She said crackers, Sam, and pj's this week. She is becoming such the mimic.

Hillcrest Orchard

We thought that it would be great to spend the morning up at an Apple orchard. They had a petting zoo, tractor ride, apple picking and horse riding. Addy thought she was big stuff driving the tractor.

She thought the cows were the best of all since it was the only animal that she came close to touching.

I wish someone would have warned us that the goats jump. They scared her a bit as soon as we got there. I knew that she would either love it or hate it. I guess she was more in the middle. It was neat to be able to pick the apples. They let you taste all the apples that they grow. It was nice to compare all of them together. It is hard to get any closer to fresh then right off the tree.