Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

The pictures are out of order but she just took her hands away from her eyes from playing hide and seek.

Addy has started to learn how to play hide and seek. She is hiding her eyes (can't you tell).

One more picture of her and her pal Keller searching for eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Addy thought the Easter Egg Hunt was wonderful. She immediately ran out and started grabbing the eggs. I still can not believe how big she is getting everyday.

She touched the Easter bunny. We are making progress from Christmas since she would not even touch Santa.

A web site said the other day that the average words that a 22 month old child says is 20. She picks up in a day probably 4 new words. I would think that her vocabulary is in the hundreds. She says 3-4 word sentences. She talks as much as Brandt and I do. I am sure that she gets this from me not Brandt. She sings 4 or 5 songs by herself. I want this to slow down. I absolutely love this age.